Bugs Be Gone

This is your "go to" serum for all things painful.  Massage a drop directly to your pets' problem area, 3x a day, as needed.

1 oz glass dropper  $25.00

Does your pet need to chill out?

Excessive barking, jumping, hyper activity.

Zen is all things calming.

4 oz glass spray  $30.00

This blend is for all things scary;  fireworks, thunder, separation anxiety, going to the vet, you name it.....

Spraying allows your pet to benefit from the topical and aromatic benefits.  You can also spray their bedding. 

4 oz glass spray   $30.00



Seasonal, environmental or food related.  Allergies wreak havoc on our pets.  Itchy, scratchy, irritated skin and or paws.

Spray on your pets 2-3x a day as needed.

4 oz glass spray bottle $30.00

Fear & Anxiety

All natural ear cleanser.  Moisten a cotton swab with clear ear and gently massage the base of the ear.  You will be amazed!

2 oz dropper   $15.00


Belly Rub

Allergie Ease

This is an all natural flea, tick and mosquito repellent.  Best used after bathing with flea and tick shampoo.  Safe for all pets and children.  Spray directly on pet or person before entering the great outdoors.

8 oz glass spray    $30.00

Pain Away

Gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, motion sickness.

Yes, you can use it too!

Rub a small amount on your pets' belly as needed.

1 oz jar    $20.00

Clear Ear