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I ask that when you think about your health and wellness, not to forget about the health and wellness of your pet.   Our dogs truly give so much and ask so little . .

The services I provide for dogs are not any different than the services I provide for people.  

The amount of time and the approach I take varies, but the results are amazing!!!

There are no words that can accurately describe my true love for dogs.  I have had the great privelage of adopting several rescue dogs and they have done more for me then I ever could have done for them. 

I have had the luxury of volunteering with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of the Carolinas, where we found our precious Brucie.   In Charlotte, I was the owner, operator and creator of Canine Companion.   A personalized dog care business.   It was the utmost honor to be given the responsibility to care for many of your animals while you were away.

As I embark on my latest business endeavor,  I can not leave out my fury friends.

I have seen the benefits of holistic care with plenty of my family and friends.   But the true test is with animals, for they know not how to be anything but truthful.  

Canine Corner